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Who are we?

We are a 12 years old web solutions company. We have helped build many successful network marketing companies / web sites based on the Binary Structure. Mostly we were approached by clients who had hired freelancers from some Online Marketplace who delivered nothing but a buggy script. There were issues with building the network, displaying the tree in a way that it works with most browsers and Operating Systems and of course the resulting issues with the payplan. How on earth can you run a successful Network Marketing company if the core of the system is flawed.

Most of the Network Marketers are very good at selling but what they really need is a flawless system that supports their marketing efforts. Network Marketers wanted to have their web sites built using the WordPress CMS because of ease of use, SEO benefits, etc. However, there was NO WordPress solution which let them run their business platform inside of their WordPress site.

After Spending a Lot of Time Looking For a Good Solution…that works

We were shocked to see how excellent Network Marketers failed time and again simply because they did not have a reliable platform to operate their business. This led to the development of the Binary MLM Plugin.

Since we are Web solution company, we spent nearly 6 months developing this product testing and tweaking the same until we came up with a perfect solution … and more important a solution that works, is easy to operate and gives you a lot of power to manage and run your Network Marketing business.