We have been asked to explain the functionality of replicated sites by several customers on our helpdesk system. So we thought it was a good idea to write a blog article explaining the same. This is how replicated sites function in our Binary MLM Pro and Unilevel MLM Pro plugins.

Each Network user gets an affiliate URL after successfully signing up with your site. The structure of the affiliate URL is as follows:


We had to introduce the /u/ in the URL so that we could have a unique identifier in the URL and not create a conflict with the default WordPress Permalink structure.

In the plugin settings in the WP admin area, you can specify the URL a prospective customer would be taken to when he accesses a member’s affiliate URL. This page needs to be a page in your WordPress site. It can be the Home Page, Regsitration Page, Opt-in Page, Sales Page or any other page you would like the prospective customer to see when he accesses a member’s affiliate URL. This saves a cookie on the prospective customer’s computer. Now when this prospective customer signs up with your site he is automatically tracked as being sponsored by the referring member and becomes a part of his downline.

Under Appearance -> Widgets you will also find a Sponsor Widget. This widget can be placed in a sidebar on your site and it would show the details of the member who referred the prospective customer. This makes it look more personal to the prospective member as he is able to relate to the site better seeing the details of the person who referred him to the site.