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Online Recruiting, Forced Matrix MLM with full blown eCommerce functionality

A revolutionary WordPress Plugin script that helps you build your MLM downline using the Forced Matrix Recruiting System. The plugin seamlessly integrates with the most popular eCommerce Plugins for WordPress, viz. WooCommerce.

Forced Matrix MLM eCommerce Lets You Setup an Online Recruiting Forced Matrix Network Marketing Site with an eCommerce Shop

Forced Matrix MLM eCommerce Plugin Features

Frontend Features

  • User Registration on WooCommerce Checkout page. No separate page for adding users to the Network.
  • Unique Affiliate/Referral URL for each member.
  • Username Coupons – Every Member gets a Coupon Code with his username.
  • Replicated Member Sites.
  • Sponsor Widget on Member Site for better conversions.
  • Comprehensive Member Dashboard.
  • View list of Payouts.
  • View complete details of individual payout.
  • Members can Initiate Withdrawals.
  • Tabular Genealogy View.
  • Separate page for regular WooCommerce customers to join the network.

Admin Features

  • Email Notifications and configurable email templates.
  • Specify number of levels for commission distribution.
  • Specify eligibility criteria (no of personal referrals).
  • Specify discount percentage for username coupons.
  • Commissions can be distributed on Sale Price or Specific Distribution Amount.
  • Specify Distribution Amount % with each product or as a Global % applicable to all products.
  • Specify Affiliate URL Redirect.
  • Specify criteria for joining Network. Purchase of a Qualification Product or Regular WooCommerce Checkout.
  • Specify different commission %s for purchases by Network Users / Regular Customers.
  • Configurable Payout Deductions (absolute and percentage).
  • Facility to Process Withdrawals from the Admin.
  • Export Pending and Processed Withdrawals as CSV.
  • Processed Withdrawals Report.
  • Run payouts manually or schedule via Cron.
  • Summary of individual Member Commission figures before committing payout.
  • Reset MLM Data.
  • Exhaustive help text on each settings screen.
  • Search and View complete user details in the admin.
  • Set discount % for purchases made by Network users.

Forced Matrix MLM eCommerce Requirements

  • Web Hosting (cPanel/Linux Server recommended as WordPress runs best in a LAMP environment)
  • Ioncube loaders
  • And of course, a Domain name

Note: Our plugin will not work with Godaddy Hosting as GoDaddy doesn’t support Ioncube Loaders.

How Much Does it Cost?

A standalone project of this size would have costed you anywhere around $7500-$10000.

But this is not what you pay when you buy the Forced Matrix MLM eCommerce Plugin.

The Forced Matrix MLM eCommerce plugin comes to you at an unbelieveable price of


JUST $147

Grab the plugin today and lock the price of $147 because as we continue to work on the plugin to add more features to it the price is bound to increase to reflect the additional value.

  • Get instant access to the plugin upon completing payment
  • Receive future updates for the next 1 year, completely FREE.

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