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Follow the instructions below to install and configure the plugin:

eCommerce Plugin Configuration

1. Download and install ANY ONE of the following eCommerce Plugins for WordPress:

WooCommerce (
Jigoshop (
WP eCommerce (

2. Setup the products in your eCommerce store and other settings as required using your chosen plugin.

3. Once you have setup and configured your preferred eCommerce plugin, you can proceed with configuring the settings of our plugin from the eCommerceMLM menu item in the admin menu.

Integrate your eCommerce Plugin with Binary MLM eCommerce

1. You would first be required to create the first user for your network. This user would typically be the company account. Please note that the default WP Admin user is NOT a part of the network. The network starts from this first user that you would create.

2. Go to eCommerce MLM -> Settings -> General.

Use this option to choose the eCommerce plugin that you are using on your WordPress Site.

3. Next go to eCommerce MLM -> Settings -> Mapping

This page shows the default order statuses for your chosen eCommerce Platform. Please choose the order status for which an order shall be treated as paid for the purpose of PV and Commission Distribution. Please note that our plugin will only pickup those orders for the purpose of PV and Commission Distribution whose status has changed to the status set below in your chosen eCommerce platform.

With steps 2 and 3 above you have integrated our plugin with your eCommerce Platform.

4. The next step would be to define the Point Values (PV) for the various products that you have created in your eCommerce Platform. To do this go to eCommerce MLM -> Product PVs page. All the products you have created in your eCommerce Store would automatically be listed here. Against each product there would be an input box where you can specify the PV for the product and save the same. Once you have defined the PV for each product you can proceed to configuring the settings for your network.

Configure your Network Settings

1. Go to eCommerce MLM -> Settings -> Eligibility to specify the eligibility criteria for your network.

2. Go to eCommerce MLM -> Settings -> Payout to specify the commission structure for your network.

3. Go to eCommerce MLM -> Settings -> Bonus to specify the Bonus Settings for your network.

Distribution of PVs and Payouts

1. Our plugin would repetitively check the orders received in your network and calculate the PVs for all successful orders. To perform these tasks automatically visit the eCommerce MLM -> Settings -> Cron Jobs page to see detailed information about the files that you would need to schedule.

2. Please note that only the PVs would be calculated automatically using the Cron Job files as mentioned in point 1 above. You would need to run the payouts as per the payout period for your network. This could be anything from 7 days, 14 days to a month depending on the frequency you would like to make payouts for the members of your network. To run the payout, please visit eCommerce MLM -> Payout & Reports -> Run Payout Tab.

Clicking Distribute PV button would show you a PV statement for all members who received PVs due to their own orders or due to orders placed in their downline.

Clicking the Distribute Money button would convert the PVs into actual commissions as per the settings defined in point 9 above. This would generate an official payout and the commissions and bonuses would be credited in the respective member accounts.