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Simplify Online Recruiting using our latest product offering – Forced Matrix MLM Pro

This is the only WordPress Plugin that helps your build your MLM downline using the most popular Recruiting System – Forced Matrix

Setup your Online Recruiting Site using the Forced Matrix Recruiting System in less than 10 minutes…

Features of Forced Matrix MLM Pro v2.5

Frontend Features

Pre-login registration by specifying Sponsor Username

Post Login Registration

Optional User Registration using ePin

Unique affiliate/referral URL for each member

Sponsor Widget on Member Site for better conversions.

Comprehensive Member Dashboard.

Members can view full details of individual payout.

Members can Initiate Withdrawals

Tabular Genealogy View

Admin Features

Configurable registration page fields

Option to create, setup and market multiple products.

Email Notifications and configurable email templates

Generate ePins (Regular and Free)

ePins can be mapped to specific products

ePin Report (Used and UnUsed ePins)

Export ePins to CSV

Mark members as paid / unpaid from the admin

Specify base currency in the admin

Specify Width & Depth of Network

Specify eligibility criteria in the admin

Specify commission payable at each level of the network (absolute or percentage amount)

Provision for Direct Referral Commission apart from the regular Level Commission

Regular Bonus based on number of personal referrers

Royalty Bonus based on % of Level Commission

Configurable Payout Deductions (absolute and percentage)

Facility to Process Withdrawals from the Admin

Export CSV functionality added to Pending Withdrawals and Processed Withdrawals

Processed Withdrawals Report

Run payouts manually

Summary of individual Member Commission and Bonus figures before committing payout.

Reset All MLM Data Feature

Schedule Payouts using Cron Jobs

Exhaustive help text on each settings screen.

Search and View complete user details in the admin

Forced Matrix MLM Pro Requirements

Web Hosting (cPanel/Linux Server recommended as WordPress runs best in a LAMP environment)

Ioncube Loaders (Please do clarify with your host that they support Ioncube Loaders)

And of course, a Domain name

How Much Does it Cost?

We have worked very hard for several months to release the initial version of the plugin. Since then our team has been constantly working to make this product even better. This is our latest product offering and hence we are offering this for a promotional price of JUST $97.

So take advantage of this promotional offer and order a copy of this plugin NOW.

Get instant access to the plugin upon completing payment

Receive updates for the next 1 year, completely FREE. Thereafter you can decide whether to renew your license to get further updates or continue to use the plugin as is.

Get Forced Matrix MLM Pro For Only $97
(Single Site License)

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