Are there any ongoing / annual fees for the plugins?

No. All our plugins are a one-time purchase. Upgrades for the first year after your purchase are already included in the initial purchase cost. However, if you would like updates to the plugins after 1 year, the following charges are applicable.

Binary MLM Pro – $47/year
Unilevel MLM Pro – $57/year
Binary MLM eCommerce – $77/year

If you do not need the updates after the first year, then there is no ongoing / annual fees.

How do I change my license key to another URL?

Our licensing policy allows you to change your licensed URL any number of times. To change or update your license key to another URL follow the same steps as outlined in the question above titled “How do I get the license key for my script?”. However, this time you need to put the URL of your new blog and the system will generate a new license key. Please bear in mind that changing your license key will revert the old install to our Free version. One key can only be used on one URL.

How do you accept payments?

For customers in India, you can make a direct remittance through your bank account to our Bank Account in HDFC Bank. Please send us an email at to obtain the bank details and the amount to be remitted.

For customers outside India, please contact us for payment options.

How do I get the license key for my script?

1. To generate the license key for your script login to your account at with your username and password.

2. You would be shown a list of all your orders. Against each order there would be a button titled Generate License as shown below.

my account

3. Click the Generate License button against the relevant order. You would be brought to the screen where you would be able to generate the license key for your install.

Generate License Key

4. In the License Detail section input the URL of your WordPress Installation in the Domain Name input box. Press the Generate Button to generate a unique license key for your URL. Remember to click the Save button to save your License Key.

5. Copy the generated License Key and paste it in the License Tab of the Plugin Settings in your WordPress Installation.

Can I use the script on multiple domains?

The license for both Binary MLM Pro and Binary MLM eCommerce is issued for 1 Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) / URL. You can change the URL for your purchase unlimited number of times and get a new license key for the new URL. However, if you would like to use the script on more than 1 URL then you would either need to buy an additional copy of the script or go in for multiple site license (currently we have a 5 sites license available at the price of 3 and a 10 sites license available for the price of 5).

Can I exchange my plugin with another one?

Yes. We allow you to exchange your purchase for another plugin. eg. In case you bought Binary MLM Pro, but would like to exchange it for Unilevel MLM eCommerce, you can surely do that. The difference in the price of the 2 plugins would need to be paid manually. In case the plugin to be exchanged has a lower price, the difference in the price would be refunded to you.

If your site already has active members then making a switch from one Plugin to another may not be feasible as the Database Structures would be different and migrating data from one to another may not be possible.

Also this exchange is possible only within 30 days of your original purchase. An exchange after 30 days is not be possible. You would need to purchase a fresh license / copy of the new plugin after 30 days.