Getting Started


Forced Matrix MLM Pro is a plugin which enables you to run a full blown Forced Matrix structure based MLM Network within the WordPress CMS.

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WordPress Installation

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New.
  2. Under Upload, click Browse, locate forced-­matrix-­mlm­ in your plugin download package and click Open.
  3. Click Install Now to install the WordPress Plugin.
  4. If successful, click Activate Plugin to activate it.

FTP Installation

  1. Using a FTP program, upload the plugin folder binary-mlm-pro to the /wp-content/plugins folder of your WordPress installation.
  2. Go to Plugins screen in your WordPress admin and find the newly uploaded Forced Matrix MLM Pro plugin in the list.
  3. Click Activate Plugin to activate it.

Plugin Version check
Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins

Find Forced Matrix MLM Pro plugin in the list at installed plugins page. You can view your plugin existing version as below image instruction –

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WP Admin Settings


Forced Matrix MLM > Dashboard

Immediately, after activation of the plugin, you would need to visit the dashboard page in order to activate your license key. Our blog article explains the process of generation of license key.

The dashboard also shows the plugin version information and validity of the license.

Information about obtaining Support and relevant articles from our Support Site / Blog are also shown on the Dashboard page.

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Settings Overview

Use the main menu of Forced Matrix MLM to configure the settings. Go to Forced Matrix MLM > Settings to open the Settings Page. The settings page has the following sections /tabs.

Let’s understand the features and functions of each of the tabs.

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General Settings

Forced Matrix MLM > Settings

The General Settings tab is a very important page as the basic parameters of your network are defined here.

As the first step you are required to set the eligibility criteria in terms of the number of referrals. It denotes the minimum number of referrals a member needs to sponsor into the network before he becomes entitled to earn commissions from his downline.

Next you are required to specify the base currency of your MLM Network. This option is very important as all calculations will be performed in this base currency. Once you have chosen the currency and saved the options, it CANNOT be changed later. The entire network will need to be reset if you decide to change the currency at a later date.

In case you would like to use your own custom registration page (and not our default register-new-user page) for registering users on your site, please check the option Use WP registration Page

If you are using a custom registration page you would need to specify the URL of your custom page in the option URL of registration page.

Each member in your network gets an affiliate URL in the format:{username}

{username} is dynamically replaced with the username of every user. We had to introduce the /u/ in between so that our plugin does not interfere with the default Permalink structure for WordPress.

The affiliate URL redirects the prospective visitor by default to the registration page. If you would like the affiliate URL to redirect to another page on the site you can specify the URL in the Redirect Affiliate URL option. We suggest that you read our Blog article on Replicated Sites to understand this functionality better.

Next you are required to choose whether you would like to Activate ePin based registrations on your site. In case you would like to Activate ePin functionality on your website, set this value to Yes.

In case members can only register on your site via ePin, set the Sole Payment Option to Yes. This would make the ePin field mandatory on the user registration form and a visitor would need a valid unused ePin to complete his registration. If this value is set to No, a visitor will be able to register on the site even without specifying a valid ePin. In this case you would need to manually mark the member as Paid / Unpaid under Users -> All Users or assign a valid ePin to the user on that page. Alternately, the user can also input a valid ePin and upgrade his account to a paid account from his Member’s Area.

Choose the length of the generated ePins from the ePin length field. Though our routine generates random ePins, we would recommend a mimum length of 8 characters for security reasons. Choose your option from 8 characters long to 15 charactes long.

Choose the ewallet transfer setting option ‘yes’ if you want to enable wallet to wallet transfer at user frontend at financial dashboard page.

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Create First User

As the first step towards configuring the plugin and start building your network you are required to create the First User of your network. The first user would typically be the company account and all others users would utlimately be in the downline of the first user.


To create the first user account you are required to choose a username, password and email address. Once the necessary fields have been filled up click the Submit button. This would create a new user in your WordPress database. This user would also show up in the default Users -> All Users interface.

Please note that the default WP admin user which you created while installing WordPress is NOT an MLM user. Hence none of the features and pages in the Member’s Area would work while you are logged in as the default WP Admin user.

To start testing and building your network you can use the username of the first user as the sponsor username on the front end registration form / Join Network page.

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Payout Settings

Forced Matrix MLM > Settings

The payout settings tab is where you would setup the compensation plan for your network. First you would need to select whether the commissions payable are a fixed amount or a % amount. If you have setup multiple products in the Manage Products Tab, logically the commission type should be set to %. If you are offering only one product then the commission type can be set to a Fixed Value.

The number of levels shown on this page would depend on the number of levels (height/depth of the network) setting in the General Tab. The commissions payable are broadly divided into:

1 – Company Share
2 – Referral Commission
3 – Level Commission

If the commission type is set as %, the total of all the figures should always be 100.

Referral Commission is the amount paid to a member for sponsoring a new member in the network.

Level Commission is the commission received from his downline at each level. The referral commission is paid over and above the Level 1 commission. In case you do not have a separate Referral Commission, you can set this to 0.

Company Share is the amount per sale that goes to the company. (first user in the network)

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Regular Bonus

Forced Matrix MLM > Settings

Regular Bonus is paid to a member once on achieving a certain milestone, in this case being the number of personal referrals.

Multiple slabs can be added in the Regular Bonus. As soon as a member achieves a
particular milestone, eg. 5 personal referrals, he would be paid a ONE TIME bonus​ of 25. On
10 referrals, the member would be paid a ONE TIME bonus of 50.

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Royalty Bonus

Forced Matrix MLM > Settings

Royalty Bonus is a recurring bonus paid to a member in every payout after he has reached a particular milestone. In this case, it is the number of personal referrals.

Taking the example in the above image, the royalty commissions would be calculated as under:

  1. Upon reaching 5 personal referrals, a member would start earning a royalty bonus of 5% of the income of his level 1 team. It may be noted here that the 5% calculation is applied to the income earned by his level 1 members from their downlines and NOT on the income earned by the member from his level 1 downline.
  2. Upon reaching 10 personal referrals, the member would start earning a royalty bonus of 3% of the income earned by his level 2 members.
  3. Upon reaching 25 personal referrals, the member would start earning a royalty bonus of 2% of the income earned by his level 3 members.
  4. Upon reaching 50 personal referrals, the member would start earning a royalty bonus of 1% of the income earned by his level 1 members.

This could also have been set up as

  1. 5 personal referrals, bonus 3% of income of Level 1 members.
  2. 10 personal referrals, bonus 5% of income of Level 1 members.

Since in this case the bonus % has increased for the members on the same level, till the time the member has upto 9 referrals he would get a bonus of 3%. As soon as he reaches 10 or more personal referrals, the bonus amount increases to 5% for the same Level. From this point onwards the member will receive 5% of bonus and not 3% bonus on the income of his Level 1 members.

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Forced Matrix MLM > Settings

The deductions tab lets you setup three things, viz.

  • Withdrawal Methods
  • eWallet transfer settings
  • Deductions

Withdrawal methods are typically the ways in which member can request withdrawals of their commissions from the MLM Financial Dashboard in the Member’s Area. In the withdrawals section you can setup the withdrawal method, any fee that is applicable for using that withdrawal method and if there is a minimum amount that the member must withdraw if using this withdrawal method. eg. Bank Transfers may have a minimum amount and a fee applicable. Multiple withdrawal methods can be setup and they would all show up on the MLM Financial Dashboard of the member when initiating a withdrawal.

eWallet transfer fee is set as fixed or percentage figure at eWallet transfer settings.

Deductions are generic amounts that are deductible while initiating withdrawals. An example could ba tax deduction on the amount withdrawn or a flat service charge.

The amounts for withdrawal methods and deductions can be a fixed amount or a percentage. All percentages are applied to the actual amount being withdrawn by the member.

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Email Settings

Forced Matrix MLM > Settings

Email templates for different activities like

  • when a payout is received
  • when a new member joins your downline
  • when a withdrawal is initiated
  • when a withdrawal is processed
  • when a wallet to wallet transfer is done

are  written and managed in this section

Payout Received Mail – When the payout routine is run this email template will be sent to all the members who have earned comissions and bonuses in the payout cycle.

Network Growing Mail – When a new member joins the network this email will be sent to all members in the upline of that user right upto the first user of the network.

Withdrawal Intiated Mail – This is the email that is sent to the site admin notifying him when a member initiates a new withdrawal.

Withdrawal Processed Mail – This email is sent to an individual member once his withdrawal has been successfully processed by the admin.

Wallet Transfer Mail – This email is sent to an individual member once his withdrawal has been successfully processed by the admin.


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Manage Products

Forced Matrix MLM > Settings

Adding Product
Use this section to create the various products that you would like to offer on your site. This will not add any e-commerce functionality on your site but would enable you to sell multiple products on your site without the need to install an ecommerce plugin. Each product will be mapped to an ePin. More details about the same is available under the ePins Tab(ePins tab would visible, if you have activated the “Activate Epin” option at Epin Settings at General tab page.

Product Name – This is the name of the product.
Product Price – This is the price of the product. The % commission figures will be applied to this price.

Viewing Products

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Regn Form Settings

Forced Matrix MLM > Settings

The fields that appear on the front end user registration form and update profile form can be configured in this section. First Name, Last Name, Email, Password, Sponsor Name fields are shown by default on the registration form.

Additional fields with required and unrequired option can be selected from this settings page to be shown on the Registration Form and Update profile form. Form fields can also be disabled or set as read only at user profile page. Password field can also be shown or hide at user update profile page.

The additional fields have been logically grouped as:

Personal Details

Date of Birth

Address Details

Address 1
Address 2
Post / Zip Code

Contact Details
Aadhar No.
Phone Number
PAN Card (specific to India)
SSN (Social Security Number)

Nominee Details

Nomine Name
Nominee Relationship (relationship of the nominee with the registering user)

Bank Details

Bank Name
Account Number
Account Type
IFSC Code (specific to India)

Registration with Captcha
Just Install and Activate the Really Simple Captcha Plugin. It will automatically add CAPTCHA validation on the registration page. You have to click at the checkbox “Captcha Code” as in image printshot below –

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ePin Settings

Forced Matrix MLM > Settings

ePin is a mechanism using which users will be automatically marked as paid in the system. If the user registers with a valid ePin he will be registered and marked as paid.

You need to activate ePins at General setting page for ePins tab visibility.


A new tab “ePins” is added instantly as below in MLM Settings option tabs after ePin activation.

New ePins are generated using this section.

Select the type of ePin to generate. ePins can be of two types, viz.

  • Free
  • Regular

Any member registering on the front end using a regular ePin will automatically be marked as paid. Thus he will receive commissions from his downline and his upline will receive commissions from his joining.

Free ePins are a special type of Regular ePins. Any member registering on the front end using a Free ePin will be marked as paid. He would receive commissions from his downline but his upline would not receive commissions from his joining. This is because this member has not actually paid to join the network.

Select the product this set of ePins will be mapped to.

Number of ePins to generate. A maximum of 999 ePins can be generated in one run.

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Reset All MLM Data

Forced Matrix MLM > Settings

If you wish to erase all MLM Data, click the “Reset All MLM Data” button. This will erase all users (except your WP Admin), all MLM Settings, Commissions, Bonuses, Payouts, etc.

CAUTION: Be very sure that you would like to erase all MLM data and start afresh. There is no way to get your data back once erased (unless of course you have a backup).

You would view the success message and network first user creation link in the network as below screenshot.

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eWallet Settings

To enable eWallet functionality go to Forced Matrix MLM -> Settings -> General

Enabling eWallet adds a new feature of Financial Dashboard on the user front end.

– Entire amount by any user can be seen in the eWallet.
– User would be able to initiate a withdrawal for the whole amount or partial amount from their wallet.
– Amount can be transferred to another user.

eWallet transfer deduction amount or transfer fee can be set at deductions tab at Forced Matrix MLM > Settings , Deductions tab. You can also set minimum amount for transfer at this setting.

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WP Admin Run Payout

Run Payouts

Forced Matrix MLM > Run Payouts

Use this screen to run the Payout routine for your network. You need to click at “Run Payout Routine” button for viewing the payout preview.

When you click the “Run Payout Routine”, the system will show a list of all members who have received commissions and bonuses in this payout cycle as below. If everything is correct, you will need to click the “All is Well, Commit” button to Commit the Payout.

You can cancel the payout preview by clicking the button “Something wrong. Cancel”.

This script can be run manually once every week, every fortnight or every month depending on the payout cycle of the network. Alternately, please schedule (cron job) the following URL as per the frequency of the payout cycle.

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WP Admin Reports


Forced Matrix MLM > Reports

Use this section to collect report for Earning, ePin, Withdrawal and Payout.


Let’s understand the functions of each of the tabs –

Earning Reports:
Use this tab or section to view Earning reports as per your custom date filter.

ePin Report:
Use this section or tab to list all the ePins that have been generated already.

You can filter the results to see just the Used Pins or Unused Pins by choosing your option in the “Choose Option” select box.  You need to also select the ePin price in the “Select ePin Price” select box for which you want to show the list.

If you want to revert back to the default listing, just click the Reset Button.

The Search and Export to CSV function will work on the currently active records i.e. if you are currently on the Used ePin Filter then performing a search or Exporting to CSV will apply only to the Used ePins. 

Withdrawal Report:
Use this section or tab to view list of all withdrawal requests that have been successfully processed.  Click at “Export to CSV” button to export all list data in CSV format.

Payout Reports:
Use this section or tab to view list of all Payout requests that have been successfully processed.

Payout detail can be viewed by clicking at ‘view’ link.

Click at “Export to CSV” button to export all list data in CSV format. CSV column will be shown as per registration form fields setting.


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WP Admin Payment Settings

Payment Settings

Forced Matrix MLM > Payment Settings

Use this section to set the Paypal payment gateway settings. We have integrated PayPal as a payment gateway for sample purpose.

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WP Admin User Report

User Report

Forced Matrix MLM > User Report

Use this section to collect complete information about the member’s account. You have to input a member’s username or email address in the input box.

Example search result page for a member’s username or email, are as below. You can view and check each seciton detail page. Each section has its own detail page link eg. ‘View All’, ‘View’, ‘Edit’ etc.

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WP Admin Withdrawals

User Withdrawals

Forced Matrix MLM > Withdrawals

Use this section to get list of all pending User Withdrawals.

Withdrawals can be deleted or processed at this page using “Bulk Actions”. You need to select the process or delete action in the “Bulk Actions” select box.

Process action – Processed withdrawals payment details would also show up on the User’s Payout Details Page.

Delete action – This would mark the withdrawal as deleted. The user would need to initiate a fresh withdrawal for this payout from his interface.

Click at “Export to CSV” button to export list of data as CSV format.

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User Registration

User Registration

General information like username, password, email, first name and last name are collected at Registration form page.

The registration form displays four important fields like – Enter ePin, Product, Sponsor Name and Placement.

The registration form fields “Enter ePin”  and “Product” drop down are visible when under General Settings in the WP Admin “Sole payment  method”  is set to OFF.  New user can select either the Product  or enter an ePin at the time of registration.

When the “Sole Payment Method” is set to ON, the registration form will only show the “ePin” field. It will be mandatory for the user to enter an ePin at the time of registration.

In case a user comes to the website using an existing member’s affiliate URL, the Sponsor Name field will be automatically filled with the username of the user whose affiliate URL was used.

In case the user comes to the website directly, he will be required to input the username of an existing member who referred him to the network.

You can add additional fields at the registration form. The additional fields shown on the form will depend on the fields selected under the Registration Settings tab in the WP Admin. You can set it at “Forced Matrix MLM > Settings, Registration Settings tab”.

You need to check or uncheck the checkbox at registration setting page as image below –

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Member's Area


Network Details:
This is the user’s Dashboard page and shows a summary of his Genealogy, Payouts, Left or Right Leg sales, Personal Sales.

The user can update his profile by clicking the Edit link under the Personal Information block. This page also shows the user’s affiliate URL which he can use to refer new users to the network.

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My Payouts

My Payouts:
This page shows a list of all those payouts where a member has earned commissions and bonuses.

You can also view list of each payout’s date, amount and status at this section.

Click at “view” link at action column to view each payout detail as below sample screenshot.

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Join Network

Join Network:

Use this section to become MLM user if you are non-MLM user. You have to fill “Join Network” form to become user. Form screenshot has been shown below –

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Update Profile

You can update or edit the profile fields entry at this page.

You can control the form fields enable/disable at Registration setting in the admin at “Forced Matrix MLM > Settings, Registration Settings tab”

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ePin Update

ePin Update:
In case a member has registered on the front end without an ePin his default status in the network would be unpaid. After the member has obtained a valid ePin from the Admin, he can go to this page to input the ePin as below form and change his status to Paid in the network.

In case your network does not use ePins, then the Admin would need to visit the Users -> All User page in the WP Admin to mark this member as Paid.

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This page shows the user’s genealogy a per level. You can view the member list at particular level by clicking the level link.

You need to click at the “Level” link for viewing the specific level members. Below are member list at level 1.

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Financial Dashboard

This page shows the user’s financial summary.

The user can also initiate a withdrawal from his account from this page. He can also transfer amount to other users from this page using Wallet to Wallet form.

Clicking on the View Transaction History would show details of all transactions in the user’s account as screenshot below. Currently the transaction history shows a credit of 4946.90 in the user’s account in Payout ID: 1

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