Unilevel MLM eCommerce does not use a separate registration page to register MLM Users. There are 2 ways in which you can configure registration options for users, viz.

1. WooCommerce Checkout
2. Qualification Category and Products

These options are available on the General Settings tab of the Plugin.

If WooCommerce checkout is enabled, a new option to Join the Network is automatically added to the WooCommerce Checkout Page. If a user selects that checkbox then he would be added to the network after his first order has been marked as completed / paid.

Some networks require their members to make a purchase from a certain set of products in order to join the network. Only if the user has bought one of those products would he be added to the network. This is what we call Qualification Products. We suggest that you create all your Qualification Products and add them to a separate category. This is what we refer to as the Qualification Category. If this setting is enabled, the user will only be added to the Network when he has bought atleat one product from the Qualification Category.