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Simplify Online Recruiting using the all new
Binary MLM Pro

The only WordPress Plugin script that builds your MLM downline using the Binary Recruiting System

Setup an Online Recruiting Site for Binary Network Marketing in less than 10 minutes…

Binary MLM Pro v3.6 Features

Frontend Features

Added the much awaited eWallet functionality.

Enable user image/avatar display on the Genealogy page.

Enable CAPTCHA on the registration page.

Register New members at the front end directly by specifying Sponsor Username

Register New Members using the Registration Form or Clicking on an empty node in the Binary Tree.

New Join Network Page for non-Network Members

Optional User Registration using ePin

Comprehensive Member Dashboard.

Members can view full payout details in their account.

Members can Initiate Withdrawal of the Payouts

SEO friendly affiliate URLs for members

Sponsor Widget on Member Site for better conversions

Perfect tree view in all browsers and OS.

Dynamic and Configurable User Registration and Edit Profile Pages.

Admin Features

Select fields to be shown on the Registration / Edit Profile Page.

Use your own custom registration form or our inbuilt registration form

Specify redirect page for member’s affiliate URL

Generate ePins (Regular and Free)

ePin Report (Used and UnUsed ePins)

Export ePins to CSV

Facility to Process Withdrawals from the Admin

Payout Reports 

Export Payout Data to CSV for manual processing for Bank Transfer / Cheque Payments 

Processed Withdrawals Report

Report to show complete details of an individual payout

Provision for Direct Referral Commissions apart from the regular Pair Commissions and Bonus

Cap Limit on the maximum payout to one member in a payout cycle

Facility to mark members as paid / unpaid from the admin

Added Support for PayPal Payment Gateway 

Specify base currency in the admin

Specify eligibility criteria in the admin

Specify payplan (commission + bonus) details in the admin

Added option for Fast Start Bonus 

Service Charges for processing withdrawals can be an absolute / percentage amounts

View individual Member Commission and Bonus figures before running payout routine.

Run payouts manually.

Schedule Payouts using Cron Jobs

Reset All MLM Data

Exhaustive help text on each settings screen.

Quickly swap between user accounts in WordPress at the click of a button.

Search for user by user id or email address and view complete user information.

Multilingual Support 

Binary MLM Pro Requirements

Web Hosting (cPanel/Linux Server recommended as WordPress runs best in a LAMP environment)

Ioncube Loaders (Please do clarify with your host that they support Ioncube Loaders)

And of course, a Domain name

How Much Does it Cost?

If we were to do this as a standalone project we would have typically charged about $5000 for the project.

So does the plugin cost $3000?

No. So does it cost $1500?

No. Is it for $500?

No. No. No. The Binary MLM Pro plugin comes to you at an unbelieveable price of

JUST $79

And, as we continue to work on the plugin to add more features, this price is bound to increase to reflect the additional value. So why wait, grab the Binary MLM Pro plugin today at a price of $79.

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Receive future updates for the next 1 year, completely FREE

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