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Priority Support

If your issue isn’t covered by our complimentary support or if you would like priority support on a particular issue you can purchase a single incident of priority support.

A Support Incident is a specific, discrete problem whose origin can be isolated to a
single cause. The nominal charge for this service puts you in direct contact with our technical experts to work your issue to resolution.

What does our priority support include:

You can call us on +1-617-910-0948 during our business hours Monday through Friday
10AM – 7PM Indian Standard Time
12:30PM – 9:30PM Singapore Time
4:30AM – 1:30PM Greenwich Mean Time
12:30AM – 9:30AM US, Eastern Standard Time

You can send us an email at Our support team will revert to you within 1 business hour on the issue.

Our support team will liaise with you closely over Phone, Skype, Google Chat or Email to help resolve the issue at the earliest.

Our complimentary support includes:

Installation / Activation issues with the plugins provided the minimum technical requirements are met.

Any of the standard pages included in the plugins are not working or producing an error on your site.

If your issue is covered under complimentary support please send us an email at

Purchase a single priority support incident NOW for just $25 and let the experts handle the issue.