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Web Hosting Solutions

Affordable, Quality Web Hosting Solutions offered in Data Centers in the US, London and India. Depending on where you foresee your customers being located you can choose your Data Center Location accordingly for fastest access to your website.

What’s more, our servers are best optimised to serve our Plugins and WordPress based web sites. So now you don’t need to worry about ionCube loaders or the PHP version supported by your host. Just order our Web Hosting solution and enjoy complete peace of mind.

We do not bulk sell our hosting solutions. We believe in maintaining quality of service. We don’t over burden our servers with too many domains being hosted on the same server. Our product offering is good enough for running your solution.

Other web hosts in the market offer Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Space, etc. etc.. Do you really need all that to run your solution? Is that practical? How do ensure that other users on the same server don’t overtax the hardware? We maintain quality of service and hence may seem a bit expensive than the other hosts.

If you are a serious businessman, look no further.

What does our Web Hosting solution include:

1 GB Disk Space on an SSD Drive

10 GB Data Transfer per month

100 POP IDs

Single Domain Hosting

cPanel Control Panel

Optimised Hosting for Running WordPress and our Plugins

Domain name is not included with hosting account.

Purchase our Web Hosting Solution for just $38 per annum and leave it to the experts.