For a complete list of changes in Binary MLM Pro you are requested to please check the Changelog Post.

Binary MLM Pro v3.3 is a MAJOR upgrade. Be very sure that you have read and understood the implications of the changes below on your own site.

  1. Added the much awaited eWallet functionality
  2. Upgrade to eWallet
    The new version of Binary MLM Pro uses eWallet to manage member commissions and payouts. Click the button (Upgrade to ewallet) on the Binary MLM -> Dashboard page in the WP admin, to transfer previous commissions and payout data for all members to the eWallet format.

    Binary MLM -> Dashboard

    Enable eWallet
    To enable eWallet functionality for the users on the frontend go to Binary MLM -> Settings -> General

    Enabling eWallet adds a new feature of Financial Dashboard on the user front end.

    Entire commission amount earned by a user till date minus all withdrawals can be seen in the eWallet.
    User would now be able to initiate a withdrawal for the whole amount or a partial amount from their wallet.
    The amount in a particular user’s eWallet can be transferred to another user.

  3. Registration with Captcha
  4. Just Install and Activate the Really Simple Captcha Plugin & check captcha field on Binary MLM -> Settings -> Registration Settings. It will automatically add the CAPTCHA validation field on the registration page.

  5. Genealogy with the Users Image
  6. To show user images / avatars on the Genealogy page just install and activate the WP user Avatar Plugin

We would like to mention once again that you fully understand the implications of the above changes to your site before upgrading to Binary MLM Pro 3.3.