By default, the commissions in Unilevel MLM eCommerce (UME) are calculated on the Sale Price of the products. However, some networks would like to specify a different distribution amount for calculation of commissions. There are 2 ways in which the distribution amount percentage can be specified in UME, viz.:

1. Global Distribution Amount Percentage: If for all the products the distribution amount is a standard percentage of the product price, the global distribution amount can be specified on the General Settings screen as shown above.


2. If the distribution amount for each product is different, the same can be specified on the Product Page as shown in the image above.

Please note that the distribution amount is always a percentage of the sale price. This has been done keeping in mind that coupons can be applied by members at the time of checkout and also the pricing for Variable Products would be different for different options.

The option to edit the Distribution Amount is also available on the Quick Edit screen for the product.